Samsung launches $13,000 Smart Refrigerator made with porcelain

May 30, 2017

Samsung has launched another innovative product which joins its large chest of quality gadgets. The gadget is a new smart refrigerator, which the company says is part of its Chef's collection, and has a special design and is made from porcelain. Porcelain is a white vitrified translucent ceramic which is very popular among Asians and is used to manufacture a good number of premium ceramic products. Porcelain isn't a cheap material and so, due to the material used, the Samsung refrigerator comes with a very hefty $13,000 price tag. Well, the price is a combination of the porcelain and the powerful features the porcelain-built Family Hub refrigerator comes with.

Obviously, the price means the Smart refrigerator isn't within the purchasing range of everyone, except those who have obviously got a large pocket. It features a unique interior design made completely from Korean white porcelain. The Porcelain refrigerator is part of Samsung's  Chef Collection which includes several high-end, quality home gadgets including dishwasher, microwave, cooker, & refrigerator.

The Porcelain refrigerator takes finesse to a new height considering that apart from its smooth, sleek look, the material doesn't have pores and as such would not be prone to smell or discoloration when stuff like soup or sauce spills on it. How about keeping it clean? The porcelain material also makes it easy to wipe dirt off the surface with just water and you get back the original look. Undoubtedly, Samsung put a lot of work into developing this product.

The tech giant disclosed that they were very much involved in the material discovery stage. Th development of the product took over two years and several visits by the development and design teams to seven different countries. Hundreds of tests were carried out before the Porcelain material was selected for use.

The Chef Collection Porcelain refrigerator comes with al the features of Samsung's Smart refrigerator lineup. It runs on the Tizen OS and has the Family Hub which provides access to several apps which could be used for shopping right from the refrigerator and pay using Samsung Pay. You can also get entertained, food management technique and more right from the display unit on the door. The refrigerator also comes with voice recognition support which is perhaps the Bixby AI which Samsung just released for the Family Hub recently.




The Smart Porcelain refrigerator will be going on sale in South Korea for 14.9 million won which is about $13,000. The refrigerator will be available in the color black but we don't know if other color variants would be added in future.

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