Samsung partners with McAfee, brings security software to the Galaxy S8, Smart TVs, and PCs

Deidre Richardson
May 10, 2017

Samsung is known for its collaborations in the mobile space, including its new alliance with Amazon for mobile HDR content for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, for example. The Korean giant's strength is in partnerships, which is one of the reasons why Gear VR has been so successful for both Samsung and Facebook-owned Oculus. It's true that two entities can do together what one is often unable to do alone.

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ were announced without any regard to antivirus software, but Samsung's new alliance with McAfee means that Galaxy S8 users will have to prepare for the addition of the McAfee VirusScan app on their smartphones. In addition to bringing McAfee antivirus software to the Galaxy S8, Samsung also plans to extend its McAfee partnership to its PCs (McAfee LiveSafe) with a 60-day free trial and Smart TVs (McAfee Security anti-malware).

Some Galaxy S8 owners will consider this to be a turnoff, but it is a selling point for some users who understand that the world of mobile has its share of risks. Sure, we'll always advise our readers to steer clear of downloading questionable attachments and files, apps that don't have a good reputation (yes, reading reviews before downloading an app can help), and to stick with the Google Play Store and Samsung's own Galaxy Apps Store, but even in these situations, there have been times when the Play Store has had its own share of malware-infested apps that can upload viruses.

Most Galaxy S8 users or Smart TV/PC users won't experience viruses or malware, but the McAfee VirusScan app will help users see whether or not an app has malware, whether the app is too privacy-invasive, etc., and knowledge of these things can only enhance the experience. Few consumers will want to use an app that is too privacy-invasive, particularly an app that they know little to nothing about.

The McAfee VirusScan app will be seen by some as nothing more than another "bloatware" app to disable on their Galaxy S8, but the small space it consumes on your device as well as the peace of mind and safety it could offer make it worthwhile. Samsung won't convince everyone that the McAfee VirusScan app on its Galaxy S8, or the McAfee apps on its Smart TVs and PCs are worth the installation, but experience could prove their value.

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