Samsung Patents a Cylindrical smart tube with flexible display

May 8, 2017

We had earlier reported that the development and manufacturing of foldable/flexible displays panels from Samsung is under process at the moment. While there aren't that too many use cases developed for making use of such flexible displays. Now, a Patent application by Samsung, which was spotted by US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), is circling the web with its unique innovative design and concept.

The patented device consists of a long tube with the flexible display that can either be rolled or spread to mimic a flat screen computer. The tube is large enough to be carried around on a bike while music is being played on the device. The tube also has a camera that can rotate in 360-degree direction and hence 360-degree photos can be viewed within VR.



The concept device also features a laser on one end which can be used to beam a keyboard on any surface while stretching the flexible display flat out making it a portable PC. It is unsure if Samsung will bring this patented device into reality. However, it is quite certain that Samsung is definitely looking at new ways of using flexible displays for the future! Hopefully they can all be powered by Tizen 😉

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