Samsung releases 75-inch versions of its Q7 & Q8 QLED TVs

May 29, 2017

Samsung has released a new version of its innovated QLED TV in South Korea in its bid to increase sales of the premium TV models by attracting more patronage. The new version is a bigger 75-inch version of the Q7 and Q8 QLED TV models. Already, the company reveals it has started selling the new version of the flat-screen Q7 model as well as the curved screen Q8 models in the local market.

The 75-inch Tizen-based QLED models dwarf the previous models in size and also in their prices.  The 75-inch Q7 QLED TV comes with a massive 10.4 million won (US$9,292) price tag in Korea while the Q8 is priced at 11.9 million won ($10,608). These are huge amounts to pay for a TV set but then, the technology at work sure justifies the staggering price tags.

The QLED TV models were unveiled by the company at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017) in Las Vegas.The TV comes in a number of models which are available in 65-inch and 55-inch models respectively. All models of Samsung’s Quantum Dot LED TVs utilises Quantum Dot (QD) technology to produce greater brightness, thus leading to greater color volume (a full color gamut) that produces deep, dark blacks. Quantum Dot also provides the needed brightness that enhances the overall color production and viewing experience.

Samsung also disclosed that it’s planning to bring the premium TV models to more markets across the globe alongside the 55-inch and 65-inch models previously released. The company has however not disclosed when that is going to happen or how much the new 75-inch models would cost outside Korea. But we expect is to be soon, considering the pace with which the company has been releasing the QLED TVs across various markets since it was first announced.  Samsung thinks its QLED TVs are the future of Smart TV and so far, the Smart TV have been unveiled in Korea, India, the Philippines, South Africa, U.S., France,  Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Russia, Vietnam and others.


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