Samsung remains atop the US home appliances market for fourth consecutive quarter

Deidre Richardson
May 3, 2017

When thinking of Samsung Electronics, most consumers have the Korean giant's smartphones, tablets, and even Tizen-powered smartwatches in mind such as the Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Classic. Samsung makes more devices than just mobile computers, though, with the company also having a strong presence in home appliances. Samsung has won the hearts and minds of US consumers with its smartphones, but a new report shows that Samsung is starting the same wooing trend with home appliances as well.

TraQline reports that Samsung remains the top contender in the home appliances market for the fourth consecutive quarter in a row, with the Korean giant pulling in 19.2% of home appliance market share in the quarter ending in March 2017. This figure, 19.2%, is up 4.5 percentage points from Q1 2016. As for last year, Samsung also held 17.3% of the home appliances market in the US.

In the US washing machine market, Samsung commanded 19.7% of the market, the third consecutive quarter the company has been No. 1 in this particular sector of home appliances. The main appliance leading the way for Samsung has been the company's FlexWash laundry machine with two washer units for small and large loads. Samsung also took top honors in the front loader washing machine market with a 5.9 percentage point increase to 27.1% of the particular market in Q1. The oven and microwave sectors also saw increases, with the oven market share rising 4.6 percentage points to 18.2% and the microwave sector rising 4.9 percentage points to 13.5%. Samsung is now second in the microwave market in US home appliances.


The French two-door and four-door refrigerator sector is where Samsung continues to just slaughter the competition. The company posted an impressive 34% market share in the French-door fridge market, coming in top for the 32nd consecutive quarter (that's right: from 1 to 32). Samsung commands 37% market share in the premium French-door market, 36.4% in the premium French two-door fridge market.


When it comes to appliances in the US, consumers want more and more Samsung, and Samsung's fourth consecutive quarter in the spotlight speaks volumes. And for Samsung, being wanted isn't a bad thing at all.


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