Samsung Smart TV gets a new Glympse app that enables location sharing on the TV

May 19, 2017

Samsung Smart TV, powered by the intuitive, self-developed Tizen operating system, has gotten a cool new app which enables consumers to view the location of their friends, loved ones or even a pizza delivery or cable technician in real-time directly from their home's largest screen. The new app is developed by Glympse, the leading real-time location services platform.

The new  Glympse app is touted as being the first in the industry and is available for download from the Samsung TV app store. While announcing the launch of the new app, Mi Young Yoo, Samsung's vice-President of the Visual Display Division hinted that the company believes the TV will be a hub for family communication. The VP added that Samsung hopes to partner with Glympse to provide innovative Smart TV solution offering relevant user experience as expected by customers.

The announcement comes on the heels of news that Samsung has also preloaded the Glympse app on their new Family Hub refrigerator. Now, Glympse users can easily share location directly on their Samsung TV as well as on the Family Hub refrigerator. The app will further connect household members due to the fact that they can easily communicate their current location and disclose their arrival times. The app allows households to establish a private group made up of members of the family, friends and also connected cars, home gadgets and several other smart home devices. When a member of the private household group shares his or her location, it pops up on all the connected devices in the group, including the Smart TV and Family Hub. The Galaxy S7, Gear S3 and S2 are also integrated on the location sharing app.

One main feature of a great app is simplicity and the Tizen platform on which the app is built offers access to third parties not on the group such as a technician or a pizza delivery guy. Users can then receive forwarded message such as the arrival time of a technician that is coming to work on the home's internet or an impending food delivery. This would allow consumers to quickly view arrival times and plan better so as to optimize their time.

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