Samsung to extend Tizen OS to nearly all home appliances by 2020

A new report says, though, that Samsung is looking to further increase Tizen adoption by bringing Tizen to nearly all of its home appliances by 2020.
Deidre Richardson
May 18, 2017

Tizen is a fairly new operating system when you consider the fact that there are only 4 smartphones in the world running the OS (including the newly-announced and newly-shown-off Samsung Z4), and its smartphones currently cater to the budget-friendly segment of the market (no high-end smartphones running Tizen just yet).

Samsung has expanded the use of Tizen to wearables, too, with the Gear S, Gear S2, and Gear S3 all running Tizen right out of the box, as well as the company's Smart TVs. News poured in recently that Samsung is having lots of success in the home appliances market and that Samsung intends to create a special, watered-down Tizen OS for home appliances called Tizen RT. A new report says, though, that Samsung is looking to further increase Tizen adoption by bringing Tizen (or, in this case, Tizen RT) to nearly all of its home appliances by 2020.

The success the company is having with its home appliances means that Samsung has a viable market in which to increase Tizen adoption. True, the Korean giant's market share in the smartphone market with Tizen is hardly on the map at this point, but Samsung has extended Tizen to the wearables space with products such as the Gear S2, Gear S2 Classic, and now Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Classic that have swept the market by storm. Just this week, we learned that Tizen's wearables market share surpassed Android Wear in Q1 2017; though a narrow victory (19% to AW's 18%), it is a victory that Android Wear advocates and analysts would've never expected. Tizen is having some measure of success, and some measure is ultimately better than none at all.

While Samsung is having success in the wearables space, it is also having success in the home appliances market. The best way to increase platform market adoption is to utilize it in areas where the platform is well-received. For Samsung to increase Tizen on home appliances is a surefire way to strengthen the platform's reputation and ultimate adoption. Samsung has always been a consumer electronics manufacturer, and with Tizen, hasn't forgotten its roots: with everyday consumers.

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