Samsung unveils Tizen Check, a new diabetes prevention solution for Tizen smartphone

Samsung has announced the development of a solution in detecting diabetes mellitus or early diabetes using a Tizen smartphone, known as Tizen Check.
May 12, 2017

Samsung has announced the development of a cost-effective solution in detecting diabetes mellitus or early diabetes using a Tizen smartphone, which is known as Tizen Check. Through the Tizen OS, Samsung projects the world where smartphones, smartTVs, tablets or other household appliances would be integrated with solutions in order for the devices to be able to display diabetes data which would be followed up by offering encouragement, tips and more healthy lifestyle coaching.

The solution optimises Tizen-powered devices to become health tools thereby increasing their functionality. The function can be accessed through the addition of a modular strip pad which can be connected to a special back cover of the smartphone. The tester's blood will have to be dropped on the strip for the Tizen Check to read the blood sugar level. Apart from the Tizen OS which does the actual reading, the system utilizes the device's camera and LED flash. Armed with their sugar level, the user can then contact his or her doctor for advice or further management if needed.

Dr. David Rhew, Head of Medical Office and Head of Health and Fitness at Samsung Electronics underscored the importance of the initiative for Samsung electronics. In his own words Dr Rhew stated thus;

"Diabetes is a very important initiative for us at Samsung, it's a lifestyle-driven condition.When you think of the things we can do to improve the technology people use every day, it's an area that we think can influence Directly, "...... "We've been talking and working with people who spend a lot of time thinking about diabetes - everyone from practitioners to companies, app developers, software providers, and hardware manufacturers."



This innovative health solution is another pointer to the dynamic nature of the Tizen operating system which is projected to be Samsung's future operating system which would run on all its electronic devices, from the simplest to the most complex. Samsung seems to be using this cool feature to showcase the superior potential of the Tizen OS over its Android counterpart which presently enjoys wider patronage.

The Tizen OS is touted to have been more optimized for more efficient battery usage over Google's Android according to Dr. David Rhew. Dr Rhew also touted that the Tizen OS, which has featured on Samsung's smartTVs, smartwatches and some of its lower smartphone models, doesn't need as much of the special requirements needed on the Android platform and this gives the OS a flexible nature as to what and what can be put on devices running on Tizen OS and also what modification can be done on the Tizen platform


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