SamsungNEXT hosts ARTIK workshop in NYC

May 11, 2017

Samsung's ARTIK platform being relatively new to the developer community dominated by the likes of Arduino, Raspberry PI, Beaglebone,etc hasn't been the first choice for developers to work on for their projects. Samsung, in order to improve the reputation of its Ecosystem, have been constantly organizing various programs to make developers familiar with ARTIK.

Recently on the 30th of March, Samsung's ARTIK Ecosystem team organized a hands-on ARKTIK workshop in New York City hosted by SamsungNEXT. The event brought together 28 developers who participated participating to explore the capabilities of the ARTIK ecosystem. Wei Xiao was the guide for the workshop which featured the use of the ARTIK 520 modue mounted on a KITRA board.

artik-samsung-next-weiDuring the workshop, developers were guided to build a smart utility pole. Each utility pole represented a location in NYC and the GPS data was pre-configured to those coordinates. The workshop project involved running a local software on the device which collected sensor data such as temperature, tilt, and vibration of the utility poles. These sensor data were sent on to cloud for further processing and the aggregated was plotted data on a Google map along with the status.
Dan Gross, Director of Developer Support for the Samsung ARTIK Ecosystem team said-

Although the ARTIK platform supports countless uses and capabilities, this was a fun and practical way to connect some of the technologies ARTIK supports in a very relevant IoT example. Attendees were amazed how much we accomplished in such a short amount of time.

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