Samsung's The Frame SmartTV will be on display at art exhibition holding in Vernice

May 11, 2017

Samsung Electronics has announced that its latest television tagged The Frame will join other works of art that would be on display at the  La Biennale di Venezia’ 57th International Art Exhibition. The art exhibition which is titled Viva Arte Viva will be held in Venice, Italy from May 13 to November 26.

The tech giant also disclosed that it will provideSamsung will provide 15 units of The Frame to be displayed throughout the duration of the event. The Smart TV which resembles a piece of artwork will be exhibited at the Korean Pavilion, the official press room and the VIP dining hall, among other places.

Samsung first unveiled The Frame in Paris earlier this year and later showcased the product at CES 2017. The Frame came out as Samsung's new lifestyle product which was designed to be incorporated into a person's lifestyle. The Smart TV comes with a UHD display quality while on with bezels around the display that look like a frame. When it's not in use, it automatically goes into an art mode where different artworks are displayed. The Art mode comes on as long as the motion sensor that keeps the image onscreen senses movement. When there's no motion after awhile, the screen goes blank, saving power.

The Frame has numerous options for art layouts and colors, as well as customizable accessory options including interchangeable bezels which are optional and attracts separate cost from the TV. An included ultra flush wall mount and "invisible" wiring approach of its OneConnect breakout box take the design to another level. Samsung did not give too many details about the Fame's specs and price but the Smart TV/Artwork is believed to run on its intuitive Tizen operating system

Need we say more than the fact that it won the Best Innovation Award at CES 2017. Han Seung-hee, Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, sums up Samsung's rationale behind The Frame thus;

“In an era where consumers assess how a product provides value to their lifestyle, it is important to provide more than just functionality,”...... “At Samsung, we have redefined how a TV can beautify a consumer’s space as part of their home décor object. We are thrilled to have The Frame on display as part of this year’s International Art Exhibition to promote the value of TV.”

For the La Biennale di Venezia’ 57th International Art Exhibition, Samsung has partnered with modern artist, Lee Wan, to display his ‘Made In’ film series on The Frame at Counterbalance, a Korean Pavilion exhibit directed by art director Lee Dae-hyung. The ‘Made In’ series contains footage of Wan’s daily routines that symbolise modernizations and cultures of 10 different Asian countries including China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Myanmar.




About  La Biennale di Venezia’s International Art Exhibition

Founded in 1985 by the city of Venice, La Biennale de Venezia’s International Art Exhibition is the world’s most renowned art event. Called the Olympic Games of the art world, the event features artists and exhibits from about 90 countries.

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