Could Samsung's new patent be a Tizen-based Bixby speaker?

May 11, 2017

There are already a number of smart assistant type speakers on the market at the moment, Google home and Amazon echo immediately come to mind. Even the likes of Microsoft have begun a collaboration with Harmon Kardon, actually a Samsung-owned company, to work on a Cortana-powered speaker named Invoke. As you can see, this is becoming a very fashionable, and possibly very profitable, for the companies concerned.

Samsung has got its own virtual assistant called Bixby that was first Introduced on the Android-based Galaxy S8. Bixby's destiny is to be the virtual assistant "voice" across multiple devices and platforms as a part of Samsung's Tizen Internet of Things (IoT) strategy, including wearables, Smart TV and home appliances.


bixby-speaker-3bixby-speaker-2Bixby-speakerNow, the Korean tech giant has been granted a design patent for an “Audio Device.” With so much going on with rival tech companies and their virtual assistant speaker aspirations, it seems plausible that Samsung would also like a piece of this particular "pie", especially as they have such solid building blocks to work with, such as Tizen and Bixby.

The only details available at the moment are the diagrams of the speaker, but doesn't that seem so boring when there is so much to do in the virtual assistant / IoT space? This might just be another patent that never makes it to production, or it might just be Bixby sitting in the corner of your room in the near future, only time will tell.

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