Smartphone App: Wikipedia app added to the Tizen Store

May 3, 2017

Today, we have some good news for all Tizen users as a 3rd party developer, Nikhil Ranjan, has developed a very good app named Wikipedia for Tizen-powered smartphones. This is not any official app from Wikipedia but in my opinion, it's a great Wikipedia client.

Wikipedia is world's largest database of almost all and every type article. It is an online encyclopaedia and allows everyone to add or edit any articles. It contains more than 20 million articles in 280 languages and is the most comprehensive and widely used reference work us humans have ever compiled. Using this Wikipedia client app, you can do everything that you can with the Wikipedia official app or by using the web browser on your PC. You have to register an account for add or edit any Wikipedia articles.


  • Explore - Open any Wikipedia article by searching.
  • Nearby - Learn more about what’s around you by selecting points on an interactive map to see articles related to your current and nearby location.
  • Link previews - Tap on an article to preview it, without losing your place in what you’re currently reading. Tap back button for the previous article.
  • Account - Login your Wikipedia account for previous data or register a new account for store new data.
  • Watch list - Save any Wikipedia article for watch later but, this process is also online.


These are the main Wikipedia features that are available in this client app. But you cannot add or edit any Wikipedia articles with this app. I think for a daily Wikipedia user this app is more than helpful.


So, download this app today from Tizen store. In the store, the app size is less than 1MB.

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