Tizen 3.0 Features Teased: Fresh, Enriched & Efficient, Coming Soon!

May 16, 2017

Samsung officially announced the Samsung Z4 recently. The Z4 is the first Samsung model to pack the upgraded Tizen 3.0 OS. The features of the new upgraded OS has now been teased by Samsung. There are hints that the OS will be hitting smartphones soon, perhaps via an OTA update.

Icons – Minimalistic

Icons- Minimalistic

The Tizen 3.0 will bring onboard a refreshed app icons outlook. The apps will have a minimal and lighter design. It doesn't deviate from the Tizen OS signature with round icon patches.

New themes

New themes

The Tizen 3.0 brings a whole new set of themes to smartphones. The new themes are said to have been inspired by present trends globally and from India. The 2D and flat icons in the theme style are coming soon.

Widgets - Fresh and modern design

Widgets-Fresh and modern design

The icons and layout on the interface have also been redesigned in order to achieve a modern look which deviates from the traditional design which has all element centre-aligned and more spread out.

My Galaxy Stories

My Galaxy stories

It also comes with beautiful features like the "My Galaxy stories" which offer exciting content and beautiful wallpapers. The wallpaper automatically changes every third time the screen is turned on.

Camera- Beauty mode

Camera-Beauty mode

There is a camera beauty mode which gives users the option of enhancing the photos taken both with the selfie shooter and the rear camera. Users can even choose the enhancements while snapping the photos.

Dual profile apps

Apps - Dual Profile apps

Users can also create separate profiles for SIM dependent apps and manage them on a single device. That is, you can have two Whatsapp account running on one phone which would run side by side.

Tizen store

Tizen store

The new Tizen 3.0 also comes with an amazing feature which lets users share Tizen applications from Android or Tizen devices to Tizen device.

Quick talk

Quick talk

This is the first time this feature is available on the Tizen OS. The voice interaction involves the use of voice commands to help users perform actions on the device faster. The feature is a smart one which chooses tasks based on the usage frequency and popularity.

Calendar - Subscriptions


Users can subscribe to events such as Cricket games or tournaments. Such events can be added to the calendar and the user will be notified of the upcoming event as the time draws closer.

Quick reads

Quick reads
The new Tizen 3.0 also comes with a quick read feature where users get to access the latest and most important breaking news in politics, sport, business, Bollywood, current affairs, and more. News from India and around the world in a wide array of regional languages is available all year round.

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