Samsung Z4 could release in Indonesia as it receives P3DN certification

The Tizen-powered Samsung Z4 could launch in Indonesia as it has attained P3DN Certification in the country and the release could be in the coming weeks.
Deidre Richardson
May 8, 2017

Samsung is no stranger to releasing a large number of smartphones on the market, the majority lying in the mid-range and low-end segments to appeal to more budget-conscious customers who only want a Samsung device in their hands. With 2017 being in full swing, Samsung's 2017 models are starting to arrive. The Galaxy A (2017) series has launched with IP68 water and dust certification (the IP certification here is for the very first time), and now it seems as though the more well-known Galaxy J (2017) line is also getting close to a smartphone launch.

Details from Indonesian certification site P3DN (shown below) reveal three new smartphones, including one with the model number SM-J530Y (the "J5" here is a good giveaway) as the next-generation J5, likely to be called the "Galaxy J5 (2017)". The other similar model number, SM-J730G, is the upcoming Galaxy J7 (2017), the highest-end Galaxy J model of the series.

There is a third smartphone model number: SM-Z400F, which hints that this device will be unlocked and carrier-free, is the model number for the Tizen-powered Samsung Z4 we've been tracking here at Tizen Experts. We've seen the same model number receive FCC certification back in March and receive WiFi certification at the end of March - a sign that the device launch is not too far behind. The Tizen-powered Z4 is also said to be running Tizen 3.0 and is dual-SIM capable.

The Samsung Z4 manual has leaked as of late, revealing other features such as a dual rear camera flash, front-facing Selfie Flash (which hints to an improved front-facing camera), a design similar to the Samsung Z3, and a 2,050mAh battery. The S-Bike Mode also makes a return, but apart from this, details remain scarce. Samsung's Tizen-powered Z3 had a 2,600mAh battery, so it appears as though the phone's successor will have a thinner and lighter profile than in previous generations (Z1, Z2, Z3).

Overall, the P3DN Certification tells us that an Indonesian release is on the cards, meaning that the same markets that were given the Samsung Z2 could also see the Samsung Z4 when it is released. South American countries could see the Tizen-powered Z4 arrive in their region as well, but we don't have all the answers in place yet. What we do know, however, is that the Samsung Z4 is coming soon.

Tizen lovers, get ready.

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