Tizen Store now allows Online app search access from your Desktop

May 24, 2017

The Tizen app ecosystem is relatively new compared to some of the competition who have been established for a lot longer. One of the advantages of a new ecosystem is that your app, as an app developer, can be found relatively easily compared to the Android or iOS markets. In these other "foreign lands", you have to fight to be seen - Like a weather app on Android has over 2,000 other weather apps struggling for the same market of users.




Now, the Tizen Store has taken the step of becoming accessible online with a search feature. You can find apps in the following categories: Essential Apps, Addictive Games, Top Camera Apps, Best Utility Apps, Racing Games and Music & Video. Clicking on each individual section gives you all the relevant apps, which have a full description and a list of supported devices. You can also find help if you are experiencing any issues when accessing the Tizen Store and a list of FAQ.

We have new smartphone apps and smartphone games, such as Modern Combat 5 by Gameloft, being added and therefore strengthening the ecosystem. In the future, we will see Tizen 4.0 extending the device ecosystem and possibly the Store will also cater to them. Recently, we have had a new addition to the Samsung smartphone range, the Samsung Z4, which was announced a couple of weeks ago. If your Interested in seeing what the new kid on the block looks like you can see our First Samsung Z4 Hands on.

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