Tizen users get two new WhatsApp calling features in latest update

Deidre Richardson
May 11, 2017

We reported earlier about the new WhatsApp update that was said to be more about performance improvements than anything else. At the time, we noted that there is a new calendar management permission request with the WhatsApp 2.16.8 update designed to fix an issue where WhatsApp requests the user update his or her Samsung Z phone but cannot do so because the update was not available. Now though, there's more functionality than we knew. WhatsApp has provided two additional features in the 2.16.8 update: 1) voice mail and 2) Call Again.

Voice mail is a feature that lets users leave a small recorded message for their contacts if they call and are unable to get an answer. A Voice Message button allows you to record an audio voice mail in the same way you record audio messages at WhatsApp. You can release the button when you're done to see the message go through.

This is a useful feature simply for the fact that most of us can't always remember what we wanted to say, or something we're trying to say is too long to type. In those times when typing your emotions can be a pain, there's audio voicemail. This feature is also useful because you can leave voice mail for contacts that don't have a WhatsApp setup and are unable to make phone calls over WhatsApp.

This feature seems to be Facebook's way of bringing some functionality to WhatsApp that lets users connect with non-users. Facebook Messenger allows you to use the service even if you're not a registered user; if you are a user, you can have Facebook Messenger maintain your SMS messages now.

The second feature is "Call Again," which allows you to press a button and call your intended contact back without fumbling for the person's name or phone number.

These two new WhatsApp features, coupled with the previous WhatsApp 2.16.7 update that brought features such as PDF and .docx support as well as larger emojis and quote replies, are designed to make Tizen an even more enjoyable experience for WhatsApp users.

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