Watchface giveaway - 1000 FREE Codes for "LW Games Timewaster" for Gear S2 and S3

May 24, 2017

Are you ready for a FREE watchface code giveaway for the Gear S2 and Gear S3? Well, Luxury watches has once again teamed up with Tizen Experts to give you 1000 FREE codes for their latest creation. This time you have a WatchFace and Game in one APP called "LW Games Timewaster", The "15" puzzle-WatchFace for the S2 and S3.





Watch MODE

  • Main analogue dial with HH / MM / SS hands
  • Screen Always on mode AOD (You can activate this option in screen system settings) Hi and Low color for S3 and S2 w/o second hand
  • Battery digital indicator 0-100% (RED color if < 15% )
  •  Day of the Week (EN)
  •  Current day  DD / MM / YY
  • Digital watch HH : MM . SS (24h)
  •  AOD mode digital watch HH : MM . AM/PM (12h)
  •  One tap "TO GAME" to change mode to GAME



  • 1 Tap to move nearest tiles in free place
  • The STEPS counter your movement in round
  • The SCORE counter of your WINs
  • Digital 24h watch HH : MM . SS
  • Battery indicator 0-100% (red if < 15%)
  • NEW GAME - 1 tap for reset to new game round
  • Cover screen or wait for off screen or AOD mode by system timeout for change mode to Watch mode.


Sign up for the Giveaway

Follow this Link and fill in your name, email address, and country of residence and we will email you the code within 72 hours. Please note: the giveaway will run from now until 30 May 2017 23:59 BST. iPhone users are currently not eligible for the contest, these restrictions are by Apple and nothing to do with third-parties.

If you win a watchface coupon, follow the steps on this link to redeem your prize. Also, please keep following Tizen Experts for more such giveaways in the future.







Luxury watches

Game history and info:

EMAIL: [email protected]



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