3D launcher App added to TIzen Store

Jun 6, 2017

After Nougat Launcher by Slawomir Musial and iLauncher by Star Design Team now SoumyaC has added a new app named 3D Launcher to the Tizen Store.

3D Launcher allows users to display phone home screen content in the beautiful 3D shell. It's possibly not as good as iLauncher or Nougat Launcher but we hope that the developer will be able to quickly overtake the other apps as there are some unique features in this app that the competition does not have.

In the other apps, users can't set the launcher's home screen but you can use 3D Launcher's default home screen setting, which is an excellent feature. If users tap on the home screen it will go to the launcher's home screen opposed to the Tizen home screen as the competition does. Users are able to put their favourite apps on the cube wall in any order that they desire.




We hope this is the first release of this launcher app and the developer will be adding more features to it. 3D Launcher is now available to download for all Tizen-based smartphones from the Tizen Store. The App size is just 2MB.

NOTE: Due to Tizen OS constraints there is no possibility to implement all home screen features.

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