SmartThings releases version 2.4 App with major updates and improvements

SmartThings releases version 2.4 with major updates and improvements. Users feedback were considered in the development of this new version
Efe Udin
Jun 9, 2017

Samsung acquired SmartThings a few years ago for $211 million and it has used this acquisition to penetrate the home automation, monitoring and security space. Samsung has put a lot of effort in the development of its SmartThings app and it has finally released a new version (Version 2.4) with many improvements. SmartThings is committed to providing the best tools for a smart home and it has promised an updated version of its mobile app for iOS and Android with user-friendly improvements and top-of-the-line additions. SmartThings version 2.4 is now available for download from the Google Play Store. SmartThings Mobile app has mostly attracted mixed reviews on the Play Store but is now getting what appears to be a significant update. Interestingly, Samsung heard from its customers and acted on their feedback to get ideas for the development of this app which will hopefully deliver a much better experience. The major selling points of the updated SmartThings app are its compatibility with tablets and its new dashboard experience.  Let’s take a look at the updated version to see what it offers.

Tablet Support

For the first time, Samsung SmartThing app will have support for tablets. This is the maiden version and smartphones can be easily controlled via an iPad or Android tablet. You can now perform multiple tasks in your home like changing the temperature or switching on lights from your tablet.SmartThings-Mobile-App

Dashboard Favorites

This app has been completely redesigned with a brand new dashboard which is very easy to use and it has fixed the usual flow of bugs. Favourite routines and locations can now be selected and it will always be on the dashboard. This ensures that operations are carried out much faster with few taps. It's easy to configure and control which "Favourites" appear on the Dashboard through the intuitive interface.


Consistent hard work has been invested in making the SmartThings app better for you. Here's what's new:

  • Brand new dashboard experience. Customize your dashboard with a unique image that reflects your home's style.
  • Select your favourite Things and Routines and they'll appear on your dashboard. You can edit to rearrange the ordering.
  • Support for Tablet is here!
  • Many more bug fixes and improvements such as:
  1. The incorporation of new changes to Range for non-integer values (MOB-2938).
  2. Camera crash was fixed on re-Lollipop devices (MOB-2930).
  3. Your device will correctly update connectivity state when foregrounding (MOB-2924).
  4. The app now maintains a dashboard edit mode on rotation (MOB-2896).
  5. Files that usually get locked in temporary execution states were fixed (MOB-2771).
  6. Updates were added to the tablet column counts for My Home and Automation (MOB-1730, MOB-1731, MOB-1732, MOB-1733, MOB-1734).
  7. No more SliderTileDataBinder crash with broken tile (MOB-2729).
  8. Set point will no longer be consistently displayed in Thermostat Multi-Attribute Tile (MOB-2839)



SmartThings appreciates user supports and would love an app review to access the improvements made If you're happy about the improvements, we'd really appreciate an app review. If you're having any trouble, reach out to our support team at [email protected]

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