Boxing MMA! Exclusive game for your Tizen mobile

Jun 2, 2017

Boxing MMA is a game where you have to fight the bad guys with your RACING FIST!! This game is simple but is LOTS of fun to play, especially if you're a classic arcade gamer who might have liked in one of my previous posts, PIXELS, it's a Pac-Man game. In my view, classic games are amazing. This game is not on the Android or iOS platform, so, it means Boxing MMA has been originally made for our Tizen platform.

The graphics are made up of squares, which may make it look a little pixelated, but that is what makes it look more arcade-like. When you are playing a game, you will notice that the graphics have an immense amount of detail. The sounds are also very nice, it creates a nice gaming vibe. The sounds are adventurous, and it definitely draws me in.


When you are playing, your two hands have a job each. Your left-hand needs to move your character to avoid punches and to move to different enemies using the joystick which is in the left bottom corner. Your right-hand needs to punch, kick, defend, and jump by using the A, B, C and D buttons. A to punch, B to kick, C to defend and D to jump. There is also no gory or bloody scenes in the game which make this game suitable for younger people/ children but don't encourage them.

Boxing MMA has been rated three point seven out of five by twenty people, which is actually quite good. The majority rated it a five (ten people). The developer of the game, Khoe Nguyen Van, has currently made seven games and two apps. One game is Bicycle Racing and an app is Mobile Number Location.




The game is currently available for the Samsung Z1, Z2 and Z3. We are hoping for it to be released for the Z4 soon. Boxing MMA is available in the Tizen Store now for FREE with a download size of 13.72MB. If you are a developer and you want your app or game reviewed by us, then contact us at [email protected].

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