Compilation of Samsung's various design patents with flexible displays

Jun 5, 2017

Patent filings of Smartphone tech companies, in general, is always an interesting topic as it showcases some of the most innovative ideas under work at the companies' R&D wings. Smartphone manufacturers aren't short of such innovative concepts when it comes to patent filings and we have seen a lot of crazy designs over the years that never made their way into the market while some actually did. Samsung is an industry leader in smartphone manufacturing files patents on smartphone designs at a rate that can be measured in terms of a few hundred hertz (with a lot of exaggeration of course).

Here are some of those innovative/whacky smartphone aesthetic concepts under patent by Samsung Display that Patently Mobile decided to share.


Samsung Design Patent #1

Samsung Design Patent #2


Samsung Fold-Out Phone with Keyboard Patent

This concept design has a lot of potential to hit mass production thanks to its practical credibility of including a complete physical keyboard and a tablet within the form factor of an average smartphone. The flexible display completely transforms into a phone from its tablet dimensions and makes room for the aforementioned keyboard between the fold gap.


Samsung  'Stretchable Display' Patent

After applying patents for flexible displays, Samsung went a step ahead to work on what it calls as stretchable displays. Stretchable displays are built with an elastic substrate and electrical components. Stretchable displays can work even when external force is applied on the screen to deform within certain constraints.

Samsung also recently showcased an OLED based stretchable displays. The prototype was of a whopping 9.1 inches. You can check it out here.


Design Patent #3

If you always fear your smartphone to slip out of your hands as you don't have a firm grip to hold the phone, then this is probably the smartphone design you are looking out for. Samsung decided to go a few extra miles with this ones when thinking about the "curves". If one can stick in a ball bearing at the middle of the back, it could even turn into an incredible fidget spinner thanks to its pinpoint symmetry in design.

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