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Efe Udin
Jun 12, 2017

Samsung internet browser will be getting updates across all Samsung smartphones globally. These updates to Samsung Internet will provide software and services that will give their customers a better experience and subsequently offers better ways to get more out of their mobile internet. The new Samsung Internet 5.4 is an upgrade to the Samsung 5.4 open beta and offers additional features such as IoT-to-web browser function, CloseBy, and an optimized browsing experience for Samsung DeX,
Extensions Offer Increased Functionality

There is a consistent evolution in the mobile browsing world and Samsung is not left behind in this developments. Let us take a look at the details of the extensions which promises a better internet experience.


CloseBy Extension

Samsung Internet 5.4 includes the CloseBy extension which is an IoT-to-browser application that provides users with pieces of pieces of information about their surroundings.  Closeby gives a notification when a user approaches a Physical Web beacon. When a user approaches a bus stop enabled with Physical Web beacon technology, Closeby will receive a notification URL that allows the user to get information on bus routes, arrival time and other related information. Also in places like an art museum, one can easily get information on a given artwork or where to find one.Samsung-Internet-5.4-3



Content Blocking Extension

This updated browser comes with a content blocking extension API which enables some 3rd party content blocker add-ons. To enable this setting, simply go to 'Extensions' and click on 'content blockers' to download the add-ons. This feature is not available to all countries.



QR Code Reader

Samsung Internet 5.4 uses phone camera with its inbuilt QR code reader to easily scan QR codes. This function can also be enabled in the 'Scan QR code' section under 'Extensions'.


Quick Menu

The  Quick Menu function allows users to quickly access convenient features such as sharing, opening new tabs and modifying text size. New tabs can be quickly opened by holding on the tab button in the bottom-right corner of the browser. Current page can be quickly bookmarked using a star button on the upper-left side of the URL bar.



Video Assistant

This is a function which is designed to make video sharing with connected devices easier and better. Simply tap the ‘View on TV’ button to watch content on a connected television or tap the ‘View on Gear VR’ button to view the content with the Gear VR. This assistant also plays videos in its own pop-up players which allow users to simultaneously search for information while viewing a video


Samsung Internet Brings Cross-Platform Functionality

Multple devices in the Samsung ecosystem such as Samsung DeX and Gear VR are powered by Samsung internet to give a better internet experience. Samsung DeX-optimized Samsung Internet browser provides browsing experience which is very close to what you get on larger connected monitors and screens or lapptops.



Shop and work with ease as multiple browsers can be opened at the same time just as it is with tab browsing. Secure biometric payment can be used to shop online using the Samsung Internet 5.4. You can easily toggle between mobile and desktop versions of the same page depending on whether you are using your device or Samsung Dex to surf the internet.




To experience menus, videos and photographs like never before, all you need to do is to connect your compatible Samsung device to a Samsung Gear VR. The mobile version of Samsung Internet also offers enhanced view to web pages and video content. Experience Samsung Internet in virtual reality without delay or disruption.




On Google Chrome browser for PC, you can synchronize your bookmarks on Samsung Internet with ease using a new extension. All you have to do is install Samsung Internet from the Chrome Web Store and then use your Samsung Account to link the platforms and gain access to all your bookmarks from both browsers.

We hope that most, if not all, of these features, come to our Tizen devices soon.

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