Grand Gangster Vice Crime 3D, DON'T GET CAUGHT!!!

Jun 19, 2017

This game, Grand Gangster Vice Crime 3D, is where you cause crime in town, you have guns to kill and you may come across the occasional vehicle, which lets you go places faster and potentially run people over. The game has good graphics but it is a little pixelated and the sounds are adventurous and it gives a dangerous vibe around you and your Samsung Z2. Unfortunately, Grand Gangster Vice Crime 3D is only on the Z2 and is not available for the Samsung Z1, Z3 and Z4 smartphones. The game has been rated three points four out of five by two hundred and forty people (that is ALOT of people!) The developer, HGames-ArtWorks s.r.o, has currently made over twenty games. Some of them include City Moto Racer - Nitro, Grand Gangster Crime Auto and Ninja Samurai Assassin Hero.

Grand Gangster Vice Crim 3D is easy to play. First you will need to select what quality you would like your game to be. If your game does crash and your on one of the higher qualities, you will, unfortunately, need to go on the lowest quality. There is a map in the top-left corner, it shows you what missions are available and if you can get new guns or get more ammo for your guns. Missions are shown as a yellow circle with an exclamation mark in the middle whereas ammo and guns are shown as a green square with a gun in the middle. Below the map is a camera button, it makes you zoom on where you are looking. There is a joystick to make you walk around. There is a bullet button that makes you shoot with your gun unless you are out of ammo (it shows how much ammo you have left with a particular gun in the right-bottom corner) and then there is the health your character has in the left bottom corner. Finally, there is the gun icon near the amount of money you have, this lets you swap your gun.

This game is available in the Tizen Store now for free with a download size of 41.61MB If you are a developer and you want your app or game reviewed by us, then contact us at [email protected].

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