Hind-English Phrasebook app for Samsung Gear S3 now released

Jun 2, 2017

The advent and rising popularity of smartwatches have often times thrown up a number of questions relating to the need for a smartwatch when there is a phone. But the Samsung Gear S3 is one smartwatch that is silencing such critics with its array of feature, and the flexibility and ease of the Tizen OS which it runs on. So too, app developers are coming out with interesting apps which would function on the Gear S3, providing users with useful apps that make the smartwatch a great companion. Yet another amazing app for the Gear S3 has been released on the Samsung Galaxy App Store named Hindi English Phrasebook.

The Hind English Phrasebook is the brainchild of Speak Up and the app was launched as the company's first mobile app for Tizen smartphones almost two months ago. Fast forward to the present, the Hindi Phrasebook app quickly became very popular on the Tizen Store in the Travel and Education Categories.


The company has now revealed that it has been working on a new version which is targetted for smartwatches. Developing such an app for a smartwatch with a small display could be challenging when compared to the display size of a smartphone. Rightly, the company hinted that they found it challenging finding the best way to present the content of the phrasebook in a user-friendly manner but thankfully, they managed to do it. The app is also going to be the company's first app for smart watches on the Tizen platform.


Features and Benefits

The new Hindi-English phrasebook app for the Tizen-running Samsung Gear S3 offers exactly the same content as the mobile apps for Tizen as well as Android phones. The vocabulary of essential words and phrases divided into 30 categories along with their pronunciation by a native speaker. Another major feature is that the app is super easy to use – it has a sleek design and doesn’t require an internet connection once installed on the smartwatch.


Additional features

  • Contains 30 categories (e.g. Food, Family, Recreation…);
  • Contains more than 1100 phrases in all these categories;
  • Works offline;
  • Has custom designed category graphics;
  • Is 100% free;
  • Has been translated by native Hindi speakers;
  • Has a very quick and easy navigation



The app will be a good companion for travellers, literally offering the ability to talk right on their wrist. You don't need to bring out your smartphone or move about with a dictionary but navigate to your wrist, will be a phrasebook that comes in handy in situations where communication is difficult because of a language barrier.


Available to download now from the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store.

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