Is Samsung's new indoor/outdoor surveillance camera on its way?

Presently, reports suggest that Samsung is working on a new indoor/outdoor surveillance camera which will be unveiled soon.
Efe Udin
Jun 26, 2017

South Korean manufacturing giant, Samsung, seem not to be slowing down on its innovations. Presently, reports suggest that Samsung is putting finishing touches on a new indoor/outdoor surveillance camera which will be unveiled soon. Images of this camera were spotted on Best Buy’s website. Samsung has not released any official statement with respect to this new development but this is only just a listing which may indicate that this device will be released soon.


On Best Buy's website, this device is listed as “coming soon”. There are also indications that this camera will be called "SmartCam". It is an Indoor/Outdoor camera with 1080p display resolution and Wi-Fi Network Surveillance. "SmartCam" will be able to capture high-resolution video footage with 10x zoom magnification. This camera is further designed with a Wide Dynamic Range technology that should compensate for backlit conditions.  Infrared night vision and motion detection technology are other features of this camera. Its wide-angle lens provides a 130-degree view of any chosen area, and the night vision mode captures images after dark at distances up to 50 feet.




"SmartCam" is expected to be weather-resistant and it will be perfect for outdoor use. The system of "SmartCam" can be accessed remotely thus the settings of the camera can be changed from the user's computer. The online appearance of "SmartCam" images suggest that this device will probably be released soon. According to Best Buy, this camera will be sold for $199.99. It is only a matter of time before we find out how authentic the information on Best Buy is.

The smart camera should be running the Tizen OS, but we don't know if there will be any hacks that the community will be able to do on it, but keep following Tizen Experts for all the latest developments on this and all other Tizen news.

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