Jun 21, 2017

Legendary Heros RPG - PREMIUM is a game where you destroy evil, kill the minions of the evil doers and destroy their towers with your minions. This game has really intricate graphics, you can see every little detail. It makes the game look more interesting and attractive. The sounds like a tribal ritual when they bang the drums at the same time. To me, it shows danger and importance. The game has been currently rated whopping four out of five by one hundred and forty-nine people, the majority rating a five. The developer, Reinaldo Pires, has currently made eight games. Some of them include Traffic Rush, Shark Dive Adventure and My Coloring Book. In the campaign section, Legendary Heros RPG - PREMIUM currently has forty levels that get increasingly harder when you get nearer or to the end of the list of the levels. You can also pick a tutorial if you need help with something because we can't be here for you all the time just to help you with the game.


So, How Do You Play?

The controls are quite simple. To walk around, you need to tap on where you want to go or if you want to continue walking for a long time, you need to drag to your destination. To attack the little devil minions coming towards you, all you need to do is tap them. To do a special attack, all you need to do have the energy and the ability itself. An example of a special ability is Vicious Swing, this ability attacks every enemy within a 3X4 rectangle of your character and deals them intense damage to them.

This game is available in the Tizen Store now for FREE with a download size of 51.99MB. If you are a developer and you want your application or game reviewed by us, then contact us at [email protected].

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