Mobile Navigator App Released for Tizen-based Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4

Jun 12, 2017

Samsung's Tizen smartphones have gotten a new Satnav app up in the Tizen store which would be a good companion while journeying through a new city. Perhaps you are a tourist on vacation to a new city, the Mobile Navigator app has got you covered whether is on the concrete streets of Mumbai or the busy streets of Johannesburg. You can use the app to find your nearest restaurant, cinema or bar or even the cash machine. All that is needed is just a few preparatory steps and the app will give you an updated map and guidance on the screen of your phone.

The main features of the Mobile Navigation app include a fully featured turn by turn navigation, Map View Satellite View Street View, voice guidance, battery saving mode, and night mode. The new app also provides users with up to four different modes based on the type of route you're taking. There is a public transportation mode, walking mode, bicycling mode and driving mode. If peradventure you veer off the route, the Mobile app provides an autoroute recalculation that helps you get back on the route.

Further, the navigation app gives users live updated map direction instructions such as upcoming manoeuvre, distance left, total distance and arrival time. The app also provides up to two route waypoints as well as a route script with all details and interactive route script viewer. Users can also search for specific locations by typing or map acquiring. While searching the app shows suggested places (Places of interest) related to searched location just in case anyone catches your fancy. It also suggests alternative routes in addition to the main route. You also get to know the history of places from the app which would be fun if it is a cultural landmark destination. Just so you'd be fully prepared, the Mobile Navigation app also displays route restrictions (tolls, highways etc.). It vibrates advanced notifications to notify users by different vibrations depending on manoeuvre type.


The Mobile Navigation app is available for all Samsung Z-series models (Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4) on the Tizen store for FREE. It is just 2.43MB which makes it light enough not to eat up your limited RAM space. Since it is a free app, there may likely be a couple of ads running on the app.

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