New Photo Pro Studio for Samsung Z-series added to Tizen Store

Jun 12, 2017

A new photo editing app has been added to the Tizen Store and it is called Photo Pro Studio. The app is developed by Gheorghe-Cristian LoLoiu and as usual is compatible with all four Samsung Z-series model presently available that is Samsung Z4, Z3, Z2 and first-gen Z1.

The new Photo Pro Studio allows users to edit their photos like professional photo editors. You don't need to have knowledge of how to use photoshop or any other photo editing software in order to use the app. Its interface looks like a studio and indeed it brings the photo studio right on the Tizen smartphones. The Photo Studio Pro comes with important tools which allow users to boost colour, increase the brightness and contrast of photos. Users can also add artistic effects like gamma, sepia, blur and more using the app.



The Photo Pro Studio will not leave your photos blurred after the effects have been added as it still renders all effects in high-quality mode. In addition, the app doesn't automatically resize the output image. The new Photo Pro Studio version 1.1.0 is a very light app with a size of just 0.26MB (260KB). However, there is need to have at least 100MB of free RAM space on the device before running the app as the image processing will require free RAM memory.

So, are you looking for an app that would help you beautify your photos before they are shared on social media? This may just be what you're looking for. It works in the same way as BeautyPlus but since BeautyPlus is yet to become available on the Tizen Store for Tizen phones, this is just a fitting alternative app to beautify your photos. This app is FREE in June so head on over to the Tizen Store to download it.

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