Opera Mini web browser returns to the Tizen Store

Efe Udin
Jun 16, 2017

Famous web browser, Opera Mini has returned to the Tizen store. This app is widely used to access the internet via websites and most mobile users prefer to use it on their smartphones for daily website browsing. Opera Mini Web Browser is the first third party browser to make its mark on the Tizen platform. With this app, you will get updates regularly because it is the official app from Opera developers. This browser delivers an elegant appearance of web pages and it opens all websites in a mobile format by default. You can change this to desktop version if you so desire.


Opera Mini browser uses Opera servers to compress web pages thus they load faster and you will save a lot of money since it uses as little as a tenth of the data of normal browsers. This browser is designed for mobile devices and it offers high-speed browsing. All your favorite sites (Facebook, Google, Yahoo etc) load much faster and lesser data with Opera Mini.

Main Features

  • Opera Mini's newly designed interface delivers an elegant appearance on your device.
  • You can bookmark your favorite websites or web pages and visit them at any time. This feature will save most of your important time.
  • Opera Mini lets you surf the Internet in an intuitive and natural way with its inch-to-zoom and smooth panning feature.
  • You can synchronize your bookmarks between your mobile phone and desktop computer.
  • Opera Mini has a special inbuilt support for popular social media giants like Facebook and Twitter so you can easily share web content with others. The shortcuts will appear on the front screen and you can just click on them to visit your Facebook or Twitter accounts.
  • Games and free apps can be downloaded from the Opera Mobile Store via Opera Mini’s Speed Dial.
  • It allows users to download any kinds of files from the various sites.

This browser is best for browsing when the internet connection is slow or while paying per megabyte of data used. Opera Mobile gives a premium experience when on Wi-Fi or wireless broadband.


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