S-Patch3 wearable with Samsung’s Bio Processor spotted at FCC

A new Samsung device called S-Patch3 was recently spotted at FCC. This shows Samsung has developed a sellable version of the Bio-processor
Efe Udin
Jun 8, 2017

At the end of 2015, Samsung announced that it had developed a "Bio-Processor" to improve health tracking features in wearable devices and would begin mass production of its first-ever Bio-Processor. It claimed that this new processor is designed to monitor and compute physiological metrics such as skin temperature, heart rate, body fat, heart rhythm, muscle mass and stress levels. With this device, the human body will unleash data like never before. It was going to sell this device to other manufacturers who need it to improve their products as well as making its own device powered by the chip.

In 2016, a prototype wearable device that used the Bio-processor was unveiled in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016). This prototype is called S-Patch. It featured Inbuilt memory and Bluetooth connectivity. This wearable device can be attached to the chest to quickly track heart rate in real-time. A new Samsung device called S-Patch3 was recently spotted at FCC. This strongly suggests that Samsung has developed a sellable version of the prototype that it showcased in 2015. Images from the filing suggest that it is a wearable health monitoring system, which will probably run the Tizen RT operating system. A lot of work and development have been carried out on the Tizen OS and it is not surprising that of late, it is beginning to feature in Samsung smartphones such as Samsung Z4. This Bio-processor is more like a "system on a chip" (SOC), with all other junk loaded onto a single hardware unit.


As of now, details of this device or its specifications are not available thus we have to keep our fingers crossed till Samsung goes public with this wearable device. It is almost a norm that when an unreleased device is unveiled at FCC, the official launch date is not far away.

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