Samsung ARTIK invites you to an exclusive webinar

Efe Udin
Jun 13, 2017

South Korean manufacturing giant Samsung has sent out invitations to all for an exclusive webinar via Samsung ARTIK. The theme for this web-based seminar is "Home 2.0: The Impact of Home Assistants on the Connected Smart Home Landscape" and it will have guest speaker Mesut Eraslan (Sr. Director of Design and Engineering at Flex)

Home Assistants (HAs) can help a great deal in introducing the idea of connected smart devices into millions of homes by designing a brain and body to represent home, which allows people to get a faster, easier and more pleasant interaction with their home. In addition, the next generation of revolutionary platforms after smart phones and smart watches will probably be Home Assistants as it is in a strong position to deliver a new platform for 3rd party application development

The overview of the integration of speech and machine vision along with smart segmentation of embedded and cloud services will be the overview of Mesut Eraslan's presentation. He will also give usability cases that will ensure that numerous consumers will derive optimum benefit from Home Assistants. This webinar will be relevant and interesting to both hardware and software developers. All interested developers can register for the webinar via the link below

Register for the webinar here

Mesut Eraslan is Senior Director of Design and Engineering at Flex. He is the Head of Human Machine Interaction (HMI) Center of Excellence, where he develops HMI technology strategies for automotive, industrial, consumer, and medical business units. He also delivers R&D projects to promote Flex's IP and capabilities in HMI technologies. Mr. Eraslan has a very rich background in high technology and entrepreneurial/corporate having worked in both engineering and marketing environments. He has been into technology business for 17 years and bags a wealth of experience. He has to his name, an MA degree in Management from the prestigious Harvard University, an MBA from Bilkent University, an MSEE from Boston University and BSEE from Middle East Technical University.

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