Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi mesh router up for pre-order starting at $169.99

Deidre Richardson
Jun 7, 2017

With the move to smart homes and home automation, companies are looking for ways to marry devices such that they work together: after all, that is what the Internet of Things (IoT) agenda is all about (devices that can "talk" to each other). Samsung has made other home automation devices such as the Amazon Echo, but these devices need home Wi-Fi, some form of internet access. To achieve the very best in home automation, there is a great need for a Wi-Fi router that can connect all these devices together. After all, the more unified the performance, the better the data and information.

Samsung has decided to marry Wi-Fi capabilities with its very own SmartThings platform the company acquired a few years ago by releasing the Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi mesh router. The device was made available for pre-order on Sunday, June 4th.

The Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi mesh router comes in three variants. First, there's a variant for small homes no more than 1,500 square foot that costs $169.99. For homes larger than 1,500 square feet but no larger than 4,500 square feet, there is a three-pack solution for $379.99. For those looking for greater bandwidth, especially hardcore gamers, Samsung is offering a Connect Home Pro for $249.99.

Home automation is still a great ways off from achieving mainstream market adoption, but a Connect Home Wi-Fi mesh router could be just the thing to speed up the process a bit.

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