Samsung launches five models of refrigerators and offers robust portfolio for the Brazilian consumer

Samsung launches five models of refrigerators and offers robust portfolio for the Brazilian consumer. All product are affordable
Efe Udin
Jun 20, 2017

Samsung always has an aim to offer the most technologically advanced products which are second to none in the world. To foster this aim, Samsung recently launched five models of its refrigerators with a refined design and finish in the Brazilian market. These products come with a range of new features such as two/four doors and inverted (freezer underneath and refrigerator upstairs), coolers with showcase space, and compartments that facilitate access to the cooler without opening the refrigerator.

Gustavo Assunção, vice president of the Consumer Electronics division of Samsung Brazil said that

"Samsung also offers Side by Side Refrigerators, Food ShowCase and the RT5000 and RT6000K Twin Cooling Plus refrigerators Are available in the country's top retailers and Samsung e-commerce. All our products are designed for the different types of profiles and audiences with benefits that really make a difference in the day to day activity of the consumer, "

536L French Door Refrigerator Fit (RF23) and 441L - French Door Compact Refrigerator (RF62) 

These models are shallower than the conventional models and they are designed for more modest kitchens. It holds up to 70% of moisture which helps in preserving food. The two compartments are well protected with Twin Cooling Plus ™ technology and independent cooling systems which mean that odour cannot filter from one compartment to another. It also improves flexibility as the frequent usage of one compartment will not affect the cooling system of the other.


The French Door Kitchen Fit model features water filter and automatic water/ice dispenser located at the door for more convenience to the consumer. The RF23 has an approximate price of $ 10,499.00 and the RF62 of $ 7,999.00



665L Refrigerator French Door Showcase (RF 28)

The model also features the exclusive technology of Samsung Twin Colling Plus. It has a double space showcase design. This allows easy access to the different compartments of the refrigerator. It saves energy and has a metal cooling cover which ensures that the interior of the door is kept cool at all times and it also helps to retain the temperature as soon as the door is closed. The RF28 has an estimated price of $ 13,499.00



435L Bottom Freezer Refrigerator (RL 4353)

Just like the French Door model, the bottom freezer refrigerator uses the inverted system in which the freezer is located at the bottom while the refrigerator is on top. It sports the Samsung Smart Sensor system which consists of five sensors that monitor the ambient temperature, internal humidity level, and the device's use habit. The product also features Digital Inverter technology that offers better efficiency in energy consumption. It has reversible doors thus you can choose whichever direction to open the door. With this, there is more flexibility and it can adapt to any corner of the kitchen/room. The approximate price of the RL4353 $ 4,899.00



564L French Door Convert Refrigerator (RF 56)

This cooler comes with the unique 4 doors design.  It has a deep counter and the refrigeration, temperature, and humidity of three compartments are controlled by three independent cooling systems. Thus the frequent usage of one compartment does not affect the other compartments which allow food to stay fresh always. The bottom right compartment is the cool select zone. This compartment has independent temperature control with four adjustments that suit your needs (-23ºC, -5ºC, -1ºC and 2ºC). This means that it can work as either a freezer or a refrigerator. The approximate price of RF56 is $ 13,999.00



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