Samsung to Partner with BuzzFeed and NowThis to Unleash 360-Degree Video Content to Viewers

Efe Udin
Jun 14, 2017

Samsung Electronics announced earlier today that it is going into partnership with BuzzFeed and NowThis. This relationship gives its consumers access to new Samsung’s Gear 360 experiences. Amazing and captivating videos and photos have been released by BuzzFeed and NowThis mostly via social media platforms. Over 140 pieces of content and 300 million consumers are expected as a result of this partnership

BuzzFeed and NowThis will offer viewers simple contents for a start in order to provide a good atmosphere for creating and consuming immersive content. They will slowly move from simple to complex front lines of 360-degree moments and breaking news worldwide. BuzzFeed will be focused on introducing viewers to new cultures around the world as well as everyday experiences while NowThis will engage its viewers with direct access to new environments, old civilizations, and 360-degree cityscapes.

Younghee Lee, CMO and Executive Vice President, Samsung Electronics said that “Our 360-degree and virtual reality technologies enable more interactive storytelling to help consumers gain a deeper understanding of the world,” He further implied that the new partnerships are as a result of Samsung's commitment to providing its customers with amazing experiences and beautiful moments

A publisher on NowThis, Christian Tom said that it has achieved much success with its audience because viewers worldwide love its content, platform as well as its presentation format. He further said that “Integrating Samsung’s 360-degree technology allows us to take our storytelling capabilities a step further and give our audience a deeper look into places and experiences they might not otherwise see, through the NowThis lens.”

Samsung builds on its continued efforts to shape a new era of journalism and content consumption by giving viewers complete access to information. Samsung is hoping to encourage people to contribute, create and share their own 360-degree videos and experiences so as to get a wider and more interesting coverage.

Matthew Henick, Head of Development, BuzzFeed said “We’re excited to partner with Samsung to give our audience engaging, social 360-degree video content,” Samsung’s 360-degree technology will definitely help BuzzFeed to get a new type of content and wider audience.

Samsung Gear 360 is a 4K-resolution device which is capable of a 360-degree camera with enhanced features for easier user operation and high-quality content. Samsung recently unveiled this device and consumers will have access to it pretty soon.

Catch a glimpse of what Samsung’s Gear 360 partners will have in the video below.



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