Samsung patents a smartphone case for wireless charging your Gear S3

Samsung patents a case for wireless charging of Gear S3 using your smartphone. It is only a patent so don't get too excited.
Efe Udin
Jun 19, 2017

South Korean giants, Samsung, reserves rights to so many designs and devices but only very few of these designs are able to penetrate the official processes and hit the public market. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has received a patent filed by Samsung for a wireless charging case that uses Millimeter Wave Technology. This practically means that you will be able to use the case to wirelessly charge a Gear smartwatch, and presumably a number of other devices as shown in the diagrammatic illustration below.




This patent filing is very specific as opposed to most patent filings. It gives a graphic illustration and details of how the case will be configured and the design of the case. At the rear of the case, there is a transmission coil and a USB Type-C connector to attach the case to the smartphone while the front side house a direct current-alternating power converter and a wireless power control processor.

This is obviously an exciting news as it makes charging easier, faster and less stressful. However, this is only a patent filing and like many other patent filings, this device might never be approved for public use. This device looks quite attractive and it's likely to penetrate the market considering the fact that other big wigs in the manufacturing industry such as Apple are already working on its own wireless charging case.

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