Samsung Pay is a new payment platform which was introduced by Samsung two years ago in order for customers to easily pay for goods and services. The growth and development of Samsung Pay have extended to countries such India, UK, Australia, Russia, UAE, etc. RAKBANK, Sberbank, and HBSC are among the most recent banks to adopt this payment platform while Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S3 are amongst the most recent devices to be compatible with this payment method. Last week, we reported that 600 Landmark stores in the UAE and India now enjoy the benefits of Samsung Pay and now, Discover card holders can now shop with their credit card using Samsung Pay on their smartphones.

Samsung is bringing this to Discover shoppers almost two years after the credit card company revealed that the payment platform will come to the system.  In 2015, Samsung introduced its new payment method and Discover announced at the time that its system would support Samsung Pay in early 2016. Over a year after the announcement, the payment method was not effective on Discover cards and this prompted complaints from customers.

Samsung Pay utilizes Near Field Communications (NFC) just like other payment platforms. This enables a secured transmission of card information to the retailers. Samsung also uses Magnetic Secured Transmission (MST) because some retailers do not have NFC in their system. MST works as an alternative to NFC for card terminals who do not have an active NFC.