Samsung setting the foundation for Tizen growth in Vietnam

Jun 14, 2017

Samsung's presence in Vietnam dates back to as far as 2012 when the company established its first research and development centre in Hanoi, Vietnam. The company's plant in the country was to account for 18 percent of Vietnam's total exports in 2013. The ripple effect from the investment meant many locals were employed by Samsung in the factory. Vietnamese relish working for foreign companies especially one with a high reputation as Samsung.

The establishment of a plant in Vietnam isn't a ploy by Samsung to abandon China for the country but it brings Samsung closer to its fans and helps it penetrate other markets close to the country. Samsung is also supporting the local populace in various ways including the education sectors in Vietnam right from the elementary grade to tertiary level. This is further endearing the local populace to Sammy and many of the students in various Vietnamese university aspire to be a part of Samsung's future after they graduate.

Samsung has reportedly awarded a scholarship of approximately 30 million rupiahs per year to 100 students in its Samsung Talent Program (STP). The breakdown of the scholarship shows that 60 students from Hanoi University of Science & Technology (HUST), 20 students from Vietnam National University (VNU) and another 20 students from the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT). The scholarship covers daily living expenses, tuition, and work placement. The salary for employees at Samsung Vietnam stands at 6 million rupiah per month which makes the program of huge interest to many students.

Apart from the monetary benefit, the Samsung Talent Program (STP) promotes the interest of students and their knowledge in Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunications Electronics (TE). Samsung did not stop there, as the company also established Mobile Labs at a number of universities that are not under the STP program. The mobile labs, 10 in number, is located in 9 local universities and has an application development curricula which includes its Tizen OS.

In order to improve the skills and competence of applicants, Samsung held a national software competition at the Vietnam National ConventionCentre (NCC) which was attended by about 1000 students from across Vietnam. With such rich programs running, we could just be seeing a host of Tizen app developers emerging from Vietnam.

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