Samsung's Ecosystems VP shares company's vision on ARTIK 053 IoT Ecosystem

Jun 2, 2017

Samsung's Tizen Developers Conference 2017 (TDC), was held recently in San Francisco, in the U.S. state of California from May 16 to May 17 with over 30 partners in attendance. Those who attended the conference had a swell time as they were able to get firsthand experience of the new Tizen 4.0 platform, including the newly introduced ARTIK 053 module.

During the Tizen Developer Conference, Curtis Sasaki, VP of Ecosystems for Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, shared more about the company’s new ARTIK announcement and its vision for IoT ecosystem. Samsung newly introduced its next-generation ARTIK™053 modules that are designed to speed up the process companies go through between product development and launch.

Some of the key highlights from Mr Sasaki's interview includes that the new ARTIK 053 Module comes with a 320Mhz ARM Cortex R4 Core, 1.4MB RAM, and 8MB Flash and Wi-Fi radio, along with Samsung’s ARTIK Cloud services pre-loaded (not just for the new ARTIK 053 Module, but all ARTIK modules). all these are crammed in a tiny encasement not up to the size of a matchbox. The Samsung VP also disclosed that the new ARTIK 053 Module also comes with new easy onboarding cloud capabilities so that the module can pair with a host of modules in a matter of seconds and securely. Also featured is an easy device management capability.


"Tizen brings to the ARTIK platform another open operating system for developers to leverage. Plus, we are big supporter of IoTivity, which is a protocol that’s really optimal for IoT devices. Having that integrated between our Cloud and the modules themselves will make it much easier for Tizen developers to create devices, services, and new businesses using the platform" - Curtis Sasaki

It is also hoped that ARTIK can leverage the community of open source developers through an open source operating system such as Tizen. You can watch the video from down below:-



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