Spotify app to get offline playback soon in Samsung's Gear S3 / S2

Samsung's Gear series Spotify app is set to get awesome with the new offline playback feature which will soon be included in Samsung Gear S3.
Efe Udin
Jun 20, 2017

Spotify app for the Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S3 is set to get awesome with the new offline playback feature that will be released soon. Spotify and Samsung are adding an offline playback mode that let you save playlists to the Frontier and Classic smartwatches. This update is coming after the initial official release of its music stream app earlier this year. Overall, the official app functions far better than the Wammer app which was released late last year.

This news is quite exciting because this will be the first smartwatch to sport this feature. This means that you don't have to rely solely on Samsung's own music app to transfer music to the Gear S3. Samsung's website in Sweden gave this wonderful information and it states that the "Listen Offline" service will now let you play music downloaded to the app without an internet connection. All you have to do is pair any Bluetooth headphone or a wireless Bluetooth speaker to listen to good music from the Gear S3. Alternatively, you can listen to music through the Gear S3 built-in speaker.



If your Gear S3 is LTE-enabled, you can stream music over Wi-Fi or a data connection. This app lets you control music playback, browse through charts, search artists and scroll through your playlists. Though it hasn't appeared yet, the beta version of the new Listen Offline mode is probably rolling out now. This feature will probably be added gradually as the home of Spotify will be included first.

Top-of-the-line apps which use the rotating bezel to control the smart thermostat designed by the likes of BMW and Nest were only recently released despite being unveiled alongside the Gear S3 late last year. Samsung's Tizen-running smartwatches are struggling to be on par with what is obtainable in Apple and Google's storefronts. App support for Tizen smartwatches has been quite slow thus the news that Samsung Gear S3 which runs on Tizen OS will benefit from a feature that Apple Watch and Android Wear watches owners don't have is obviously a victory for Tizen and Samsung.

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