Smartphone Game: Devils & Demons, fight evil in this RPG game !

Jun 1, 2017

Devils & Demons is a hardcore RPG game where you need to kill demons and devils using your and your team's abilities to attack and heal yourselves. The game was first released on the Android and iOS platforms and has now been ported to the Tizen Store. On the Play Store, the game has gotten between one hundred thousand and five hundred thousand downloads or installations.

The game has a real RPG feature to it. If you don't know, RPG stands for Role Playing Game. In Devils & Demons, you play as each of your team mates to attack. The game runs very smoothly and is generally amazing. The sounds and graphics fit together well and they complement each other in my opinion. Any gaming fans out there will LOVE this game. It also has no blood effects, so it makes it more suitable for children of a younger age.


The Game

At the start of Story Mode, you have a really quick tutorial which is actually the start of the game. It shows you how to attack and refill your energy to attack or heal/defend. After that, you move forwards so then you can find other people that belong to the good side (two to be precise.) Once you have found them, three demons appear. This is your first real battle as the one at the start was tutorial like. Then after you have killed those three, you need to kill a hound and a bigger demon which has higher HP (Health Points.) Now let's move on to something else before I spoil the whole game for you. There is also an arena where you master boss fights and waves of demons. When you have just started playing the game, this feature will not be available yet. Like every hero, you will need to work your way to a new stage or in this case; another place to fight other than the story mode.

Devils & Demons has amazing graphics. They are incredibly smooth and they are really detailed. They sound are also incredible, they make an adventurous and dangerous vibe which draws me into the game, but that's my personal opinion. The game was developed by the developer Handy-Games. They have currently made nine other games which have fairly good ratings. Devils and Demons has been rated four point four out of five point zero which is really good.





This game is available in the Tizen Store now for FREE with a download size of 207 MB which is really big but worth it. So get some free space!! The game is currently available for the Samsung Z1, Z2 and Z3 with support for the Z4 coming as soon, as we are told, as soon as testing has finished 🙂

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