Soon, Samsung and LG products could share a single platform for IoT connectivity!

Jun 14, 2017

Cross-Console gaming is still a far cry from reality, however, something on that lines is about to happen in the consumer and home appliance industry as South Korean Electronics giants Samsung and LG are looking put their Egos aside for the better of technology and make it easier for their products to communicate with each other. This comes at a time when American brands like Google, Apple and Amazon are knocking into the IoT industry with their own ecosystem of products such as AI based speakers, smart bulbs, to connect etc.

Back in February last year, an organisation called Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) was formed to develop a specification standard that would make devices made different companies connect with each other. As of now, over 300 firms including Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm and Electrolux have joined hands in OCF. This partnership is the result of possibility of LG and Samsung Products to soon connect with each other. According to a few reports, this could happen as early as this year.

Samsung-LG-products-become-compatible-this-yearSome of Samsung's products such as the premium air conditioners, refrigerators have already been certified by OCF and in addition to this, the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S8 is also certified by OCF. Samsung also plans on certifying its Washing machines and other cooking tools with OCF this year as it looks on to lead the IoT industry in home appliances by setting an example that the firm can do business even on an open platform.

LG on the other hand is reportedly developing an OCF certified refrigerator which is due to launch this year or early next year. Once the product is launched, there will be possibilities of inter-operability with OCF certified products of other firms such as Samsung. One could soon see a day when they could use their Samsung Smart TV to look into contents on their LG refrigerator to make grocery checklist for shopping!

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