Test your phone speed with CPU Benchmark

Jun 8, 2017

We love all sorts of apps here at Tizen Experts; Photography apps, music apps, video apps and I have to say I personally love Utilities. We already have System Manager and System Info apps, but now they have been joined by a new app on the Tizen Store named CPU Benchmark, which as the name suggests measures execution time of various CPU operations like complex math calculations, 3D processing, cryptography and other common tasks. The lower the actual benchmark time is, then the faster your device is.
The app also has the feature of letting you compare your results online with other mobile users so you can truly benchmark your phone. CPU Benchmark is based on a Sunspider JavaScript benchmark under BSD license.
Screen shots

Some of the Information provided:

  • Phone model
  • CPU type
  • CPU speed
  • CPU usage
  • RAM usage
  • System version
  • Firmware version


Currently, the supported devices are the Samsung Z1, Z2 and Z3. Support for the Samsung Z4 is hopefully coming soon. The app is only 0.46MB to download.

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