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Efe Udin
Jun 12, 2017

The Tizen Developer Conference (TDC) 2017, was successfully held on May 17th and 18th at Hilton Union Square Hotel in San Francisco. This conference was centred on the theme “Ready To Connect, Get Involved!”. TDC 2017 presents a vision for the IoT era via expanded opportunities for the attendees to experience the key features of the Tizen 4.0 platform, various technologies and products, and the evolving development environment required for UX and product/application development.The conference hosted a number of hands-on sessions and workshops for the attendee developers to get familiar with application development for Tizen. A 1:1 Tutorial Zone was set up to help developers instantly develop and run smart TV applications with the help of experts using Tizen.NET. The event was attended by software developers and over 1000 service/content partners, device manufacturers and everyone else engaged with the Tizen ecosystem.

There were a number of speakers mostly from the hierarchy of Samsung Electronics who spoke on spoke on different aspects of developments in Tizen and the great opportunities which Tizen is offering to developers been that it is open source. One topic that was discussed extensively during the course of the conference was the Tizen 4.0 OS, the next-generation in the firmware. As the main developer of Tizen, Samsung showcased its latest advancements related to the OS and several Samsung executives also presented keynote speeches on the same top. Here we give excerpts from some speakers at the conference

Hyogun Lee (Executive VP of Samsung/Chair Tizen technical steering group)

Hyogun Lee was the first speaker of the conference and he spoke extensively of the development of Tizen over the past two years. He noted that Tizen started with the development of Tizen 1.0  OS which was a maiden operating system and it was followed closely by Tizen 2.X which was developed for mobiles, wearables, and TV. The current Tizen 3.0 is expanding and connects visually everything. There are currently tens of millions of users on the Tizen platform and by the end of 2017, that figure is projected to be hundreds of millions. Leee stated that IoT is evolving rapidly and Tizen is facing some challenges which it is working round the clock to give users an amazing experience. With the Tizen platform, you can easily participate and benefit greatly whether you are a developer or not. Tizen has a configurable pattern with building blocks which allows you to easily develop new devices. Tizen's platform updates easily connect to cloud server infrastructure and its maintainability is greatly enhanced. Tizen offers a platform where more people can easily develop a variety of devices. Realize your dreams with Tizen in the IoT era. Tizen will unleash Tizen 4.0 M1 this month and Tizen 4.0 M2 in December this year. Tizen has created a platform where it connects with developers, it is also ready to connect with devices and invites all interested developers and others to share their great idea for mutual growth.

Chris Choi (Creative Director & Principal Designer Samsung Electronics)

Chris Choi spoke on Tizen's visual strategy in the IoT era. He noted that IoT products are rapidly expanding to automobiles and other devices and many are benefitting from it but it can create unintended confusions despite all its great intentions. Tizen is providing a consistent and seamless visual experience to reduce this confusion and visual strain. Its strategy involves bringing in a simplified platform, natural intuitiveness and breathing space which definitely solves the problem.

Other speakers at this conference include VP Minkyong Kim who spoke on Tizen's plan for voice key interface, VP Adam Tom spoke on Samsung TV leading the Tizen Ecosystem, VP Chris Park spoke on Glympse which is a leading location service platform. Adnan Agbotwalla spoke on Family Hub 2.0 which sports Tizen 3.0 OS. Hokyo Choi spoke on Tizen smartphone market situation where he gave a detailed rundown of the first three generations of Tizen's smartphones and he showed a glimpse of the fourth generation (Samsung Z4). Hongseok Kim presented the present and future of Samsung developers platform. There were speeches from representatives of Adobe and Microsoft Tizen who spoke on possible collaborations and UX design.

Tizen is obviously one platform for any developer to rely upon. It is offering a great opportunity for the development and growth of developers globally. To get more from the Tizen Developer Conference (TDC) 2017, see the link below:=




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