Video - Tizen App Share Guide - Sharing a Tizen App

Efe Udin
Jun 12, 2017

Tizen App Share is a fast and easy-to-use tool for sending Tizen apps from your device to Tizen device. Search and download a variety of Tizen apps and easily share apps to Tizen phones. With the Tizen App Share menu from the Tizen store, you can share apps with minimal mobile data. You share 99% of the app file using WiFi direct and the remaining 1% using the mobile network.

It is very easy and fast to use the Tizen App Menu. Check on the "More Menu" tab on the Tizen main page and you will see "Tizen App Share". You can easily share apps between two Tizen devices from here.

Firstly, you launch the Tizen app on both phones and then select the Tizen app you want to share in the Tizen store. After clicking the "download app for sharing" function, go on and download the app. You then select "send application" on the sending phone and "receive application" on the receiving device. Select the app you want to share and click the next button. Kindly accept the sharing process and the sharing will begin. Wait for a few seconds while sharing is in progress. You will see "Cancel" on both devices while sharing is in progress but when sharing is done, the sending device will show "done" while the receiving device will display "Cancel". Then simply install the app on the receiving phone by clicking on the install button.

This process takes huge advantage of WiFi-direct so you do not need mobile data. Moreso, it is faster than downloading each app from the Tizen store. Tizen over the years have been evolving to make life easier and better for its numerous users.  For more information and guidance on how to use the Tizen App Share, please see the links below:-



Android to Tizen


Tizen to Tizen


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