Amazing!!! Samsung Gear S2 and S3 game "Rolling Hams" gets a huge update, new worlds, rooms and levels to play

Efe Udin
Jul 21, 2017

Rolling Hams is a game for Tizen wearables, specifically Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S3. It was developed by NOXTAGE and was first released in August last year. Presently, Rolling Hams has received an update which only makes the game much better and appealing. Rolling Hams was the best wearable app from Indonesia in 2016 (Wearable Challenge Category) and this new update has made it the top paid Gear games in the Samsung Galaxy App Store.

Rolling Hams uses simple bezel controls. In this game, you will have to manage a round room filled with obstacles and manoeuvre a hamster through it. Rolling Hams is a casual puzzle adventure game which is about a rolling hamster and collecting the lost snacks. Your goal is to help the hamster grab the snack and roll to many different worlds.


How to Play

A player can rotate the Gear’s Bezel to adjust the room angle so that the hamster can roll over as player control the room. The player must avoid the obstacles and grab the hamster snack in order to open the gate hole, the hole will lead to a new room.


To download Rolling Hams, search for “Rolling Hams” in Gear Category through Samsung Galaxy App and go for Gear Games sub-category. Alternatively you can try this unstable direct link shared from the store page.

Link (only accessible from your smartphone):

To celebrate the huge update of Rolling Hams, this game can now be purchased with 40% discount for $1.79 in store.




Huge Update (ver. 2.0.1) New Features

  • More Rooms to Play
    • Rolling through more than 30 levels in the game
  • Select Level Menu
    • See your adventure progress and jump in any level anytime
  • Save Game Progress
    • No need to restart your journey anymore each time you leave the game
  • Game Pause Menu
    • Pause the gameplay anytime by tapping on the screen
  • New Beautiful Artworks
    • Remastered artworks give more immersive through the game, background changes between levels
  • New Worlds
    • Round Fields, Boulder Forest, Dry Desert, and Giant Castle each have their own uniqueness are now available to play





NOXTAGE is a game development studio based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, which was founded by Rizal Saputra in July 2017.

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