Droid Lock Screen and Voice Assistant apps now available in Tizen Store

Droid Lock Screen and Voice Assistant apps now available in Tizen Store. These apps makes everyday usage of our mobile phone easier
Efe Udin
Jul 10, 2017

Somyac Slawomir Baranowski is a popular developer on the Tizen OS platform. He has designed quite a number of apps such as 3D launcher and Nougat Launcher which are available in the Tizen store. Now, two new apps by this developer; Droid Lock Screen and Voice Assistant has just been released to the Tizen Store.


Droid Lock Screen

This is a must have app for droid fans. The Droid Lock Screen application works just like screen lock from other popular mobile platform.

The application allows you to:

  • Apply material design and lock window
  • Have quick access to unread messages, phone calls, and emails count
  • Set security pin code
  • Set recovery email address
  • Apply beautifully animated lock animation
  • Set unlock sound
  • Customize lock screen content

NOTE: It is recommended that you disable the default screen lock before using this app. To disable screen lock, go to "Settings" then click on "Lock screen and Security" and select "Screen Lock Type" and then choose "None".

The app is presently available on the Tizen Store for download on all of Samsung’s Tizen-powered smartphones. With a size of just 3.47MB, the app is super light and would likely not cause any form of lagging.


Voice Assistant

Voice Assistant is the future as it simplifies everyday usage of mobile phone. Just say the command to your Tizen phone and its done. This application works perfectly in offline mode and does not require an internet connection to recognize a voice and generate speech audio.

An example of commands that are available in this version are:

  • Start installed the application (email, Tizen Store, web browser etc...)
  • Start camera
  • Get/set GPS status
  • Get/set Wi-Fi status
  • Get current date and time
  • Make call
  • Get GPS coordinates
  • Minimize/maximize app

This app is available now for all Tizen Smartphones. In Tizen Store, the size of this app 16.86MB. If you encounter any problem downloading or using it, please send a feedback to the developers or leave a comment on our comment section below.

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