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Jul 25, 2017

Quick Access is an app where you have quick access to five functions on your Tizen device or devices. When you download the app and try to open it, it doesn't open. Instead, what happen is a circle with colours white, grey and black will appear on your screen. If you close the app, you get rid of the shortcut. Anyways, the five functions you can open with Quick Access is a button that takes you to the home screen, a button that switches off and locks your phone, a button that switches the phones torch on, a button that makes the camera come on and one to open the calculator. There is also a X button that you press if you don't want to use the quick access.


The Basics

This app doesn't have graphics or sound, you wouldn't have guessed that, and the app has been currently rated three point six out of five by twenty eight people, I'd call that ok. The developer, Vikram Dattu, has currently made two other apps and one game that all have ok ratings.




This game is available in the Tizen Store now for free with a download size of 0.08MB for the Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3 and the Z4 Tizen devices. If you are a developer and you want your app or game reviewed by us here on Tizen Experts, then contact us at [email protected].


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