Bixby launch could be further delayed in China to cybersecurity law revisions

Jul 19, 2017

Samsung's much hyped AI based voice assistant Bixby which had its own dedicated hardware button on the flagship Galaxy S8 and the S8+ has been under a bit of criticizing as Samsung has continued to delay the complete release of Bixby in all its markets. It has been reported that the cause of the delay is due to the lack of massive amounts of data to train its AI to produce minimal error. Bixby is currently released in Samsung's home country South Korea in Korean language and now in the United States in English language.




With the Chinese language based Bixby release however, Samsung have met with yet another hurdle adding to more troubles to the company. Due to the recent revisions in the cybersecurity laws within China, the release of Bixby could be further delayed. The new law makes it mandatory for all the data from devices to be stored within Chinese servers and not sent over to servers in other countries. A reason for this law revisions is pointed towards the recent political and diplomatic differences between the China and South Korea where Samsung holds most of its data servers.

A Samsung software developer was quoted saying this to the Chinese media Chosun Biz-“We are still tacking [sic] the data transfer issue under the revised laws in China,”. Meanwhile, Samsung has also been developing its own Voice Assistant smart speaker with Bixby integration to take on the likes of Alexa, Google home and Apple's HomePod

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