You can now use Skype on Tizen 3.0 based Samsung Z4 using WebRTC

Jul 19, 2017

Popular video, voice and text based communication service Skype hasn't yet made its way into the Tizen mobile environment officially leaving a lot of Tizen mobile users disappointed. However, if you're a Samsung Z4 user we have some good news for you as one of our own writers Joydeb has been tinkering around with his Z4 to find a way to use Skype on his phone. Fortunately, with Tizen 3.0 that powers the Z4 comes the support for WebRTC (Real Time Communication) on the default browser.

The support for for WebRTC allows many web based instant messaging services to work like they would on their official apps (e.g.- Whatsapp Web, Telegram Web, etc). Skype also happens to feature a web service which the company had initially released for its parent brand Microsoft's Edge browser.



Now, Samsung Z4 users can make use of that service on the default browser by visiting and logging into your account. Users can then even access Skype from the notification panel and can even receive incoming calls by keeping the skype web tab open always with an internet connection.

Don't expect the same kind of video quality that you'd expect on Skype's official application as WebRTC is still a long way to go to reach that level. Other Tizen mobiles users such as the Samsung Z1, Z2 and the Z3 will have to wait until the Tizen 3.0 update is made available for their devices.

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