D Dungeons RPG - Premium version FREE for limited time!

Jul 31, 2017

Do you want a game that involves fighting, i mean a real RPG game? Well, this may be the one for you, D Dungeons RPG - PREMIUM!!! Let's get the basics covered first, D Dungeons RPG - PREMIUM can be downloaded with a size of 64.18MB although when I checked the game size on the Samsung Z4, it said 6418MB, which is obviously wrong so don't be fooled by it. Moving on, this game has been rated four point four out of five by over one hundred people rating it a five, which I think is really good. The developer, Reinaldo Pires, has currently made nine other games, including Legendary Heroes RPG - PREMIUM. It has really nice 3D graphics that are extremely detailed.


Something that I really like about this game is that you collect coins when you kill enemies, you can use these to buy better weapons and potions with diamonds or coins. You also collect points, you use these to improve your characters armour and attack damage etc.

The Gameplay

When you're playing, you want easy controls so it is easier to play the game. D Dungeons RPG - PREMIUMs controls are quite easy believe it or not. At the bottom of your screen is the power-ups and other thing you have equipped yourself, In the right hand side of the bottom is the button that makes you attack with your sword. Above the attack button is the power attack, which takes up energy that is shown in the top-left corner as well as the amount of health you have. In the middle of the left side is the joystick that makes you move around and finally is a map, shop and pause button in the top right corner.




That changed the night the sky rained fire. Flaming rock rained all through the world, opening ancient passages to the underworld and from there reborn a new legion of dragons and their servants. Orcs, goblins, skeletons, ogres, devils, monsters and summoners sprung up everywhere, eager to serve new dragon lords and cover the world in ashes.

You are the last dragon hunter champion, and the quest rests on you to end the greatest threat the world has ever known, and prevent this from turning into the chaos of darkness and dungeons for the eternity.

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